Learning Disabilities & Complex Physical Disabilities

We provide Home and Day Centre Physiotherapy Visits and Hydro-Active Hydrotherapy sessions for people with Learning Disabilities and Complex Physical Disabilities.


Our Physiotherapists specialise in working with people who have learning disabilities and complex physical disabilities.


We see anyone who is 18 or above and has a learning disability or has physical disabilities.


We can help with:


  • Muscle tone problems (low tone, high tone, spasticity)

  • Muscle tightness and contractures (stiff joints)

  • Joint problems and deformity

  • Lying, sitting and standing postures

  • Walking difficulties

  • Falling problems


We will complete an initial home visit to assess the client and then develop a physiotherapy programme. This can include:


  • positioning and postural management strategies (helping with lying down, sitting and standing)

  • looking at sleeping systems and sleeping postures to improve sleeping patterns

  • reviewing wheelchairs and walking aids

  • Stretching and strengthening exercises to help manage muscle tone and spasticity, and help prevent deterioration, contracture development and joint deformity

  • Walking and balance therapy


The Physiotherapist can then visit you at home or your day centre to carry out your physiotherapy programme during weekly 1 hour sessions.


For more information, cost and referring for

Home Physiotherapy

call 0793 9223 768 or email Activ8Physio@yahoo.co.uk


Hydro Active Hydrotherapy


It is open to any adult (age 18 or above) with a learning disability or complex physical disabilities who is interested in benefitting from hydrotherapy, with single sex (male-only and female-only) sessions available.


All clients are assessed and are then allocated to an appropriate session. A risk assessment and carer training (if required) will also be provided. An initial assessment will be completed during the first session.


Hydrotherapy provides a variety of opportunities for clients to experience, learn and enjoy new movement skills leading to maintained and increased functional skills, mobility and building self confidence.


Hydrotherapy is useful for treating a range of conditions, both acute and chronic including orthopaedic, neurological and rheumatologic helping to manage pain symptoms, arthritis and other joint problems.


Hydrotherapy also has social and psychological benefits. Sessions help clients to build confidence, improve their overall feeling of wellbeing, impacts on mood by providing a relaxed and calm environment and provides an opportunity to socialise and communicate with others through contact with other clients at sessions and helping to improve communication and vocalisation.


At Hydro-Active sessions clients:


  • have an initial assessment. The Physiotherapist will visit the client/family/carers at home and complete a full assessment.


  • Individualised Hydrotherapy Programme and goal setting


  • Sessions are in a group format, and clients attend with trained carers if required


  • Sessions are held at one of several Hydrotherapy Pools across London


The Hydrotherapy pool is a fun and unique opportunity for clients with learning disabilities to engage in new learning opportunities. As well as developing communication, interpersonal, cognitive and physical skills, the hydrotherapy pool has numerous benefits to their sensory awareness.

Our Hydrotherapy Pools are fully accessible for wheelchair users, with hoists and suitable changing and showering areas, and pool side hoists for clients unable to walk into the pool.


Hydrotherapy sessions are carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist with specialist training to work with people who have learning disabilities and complex disabilities, and who will be with you in the water at all times.


For more information and details on how to access hydrotherapy sessions

call 0793 9223 768 or email Hydro.Active@yahoo.com